Brother in a Hole

 No Hope

So, today i lost all faith in my brother being content on doing absolutely anything with his life. Some people say this out of hatred, or out of disagreement, but i have been with this “man” my whole life, and the past 6-8 years he has just been a dirty-mooch dwelling shitfuck of a human, and i no longer believe is competent to do anything. His 25th birthday is coming up within a month and he doesn’t have a penny to his name, and has been mooching, and i MEAN mooching, off my mother, grandfather, friends and past/current partners for what seems like day one. In past jobs, he has lasted from at the most 8 months all the way to about 3 weeks with one job that involved farm work, because he just isn’t for it. He doesn’t have the ability to process any of the inconsiderate and addiction-fueled shit he does daily and it is very much getting to me. Problem is, he has continued to be like this for years and my mother has too much of a heart to kick out the pre-homeless scumbag he is. I recently resorted to taping sheets of paper as reminders for what he should and shouldn’t do, and he full on turned it into an insult, which it is, but it is also primarily the honest truth of his life since he became a teen-young adult. For example, the notes range’d from “If you want to have someone over, ASK, and if mom isn’t for it, DEAL WITH IT.” and another conveniently placed on the glass cupboard stating, “STOP ashing in these cups. They were recently replaced because of such said reason. Also check if you already have a cup, as well as stop over-portioning” as these are problems that have been reoccurring because of him for some time now. He message’d me about these and all’s he had to output was threats and anger, which concluded my opinion on him as a person. He can’t accept the truth, and wants to live a lazy-ass nothing-to-minor content life, and when faced with these truths he blanks it out with threatening rage, making me think his mental state is nothing but unstable. Legitamately, he spoke down to me, talking about how my next bowel movement will have my teeth in it, and other unrelated things to my act of advisement. So i am now at the point of no hope for him, created my own blog, and am venting to strangers who probalbly won’t give too many cares but it feels good to type it all somewhere, even though i could honestly write a novel on the “man”. For now i am going to blought him out and if he comes too me with an apology for his threats, which i fully believe he will from past freakouts, i’m not going to accept it ever again unless his life miraculously takes a full 360 change. But as i said at the start i believe he’s too far gone, something drastic has to occur and change the way’s he is going about life because i’ve had it, and although you don’t know me and some people use such said lines either frequently or not so seriously, know that, I. HAVE. HAD IT.